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Less than 9% of Payroll for Workers Compensation Coverage

Dedicated Team of Specialists

Certified Safety Program Reduces Your Cost by up to 10%

On-Site Training & Safety Surveys

DOT & OSHA Compliance Assistance

    1. How to safely lift a tarp to flatbed interactive training
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    2. Body Impact Force from jumping from cab or trailer
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ATA is SIIA Success Story ... ...
"Alabama Trucking Association (ATA) Workers’ Compensation Fund knew the program was working well when members commented they no longer needed to be concerned over the quality of care provided to their injured workers."
SIIA - Self Insurance Institute of America Web Site

Protecting your employees from accidents is our job.   We provide a stable, competitive service for your workers comp needs with a comprehensive benefits program to keep your costs down and productivity high.

  • Retrospective credit plan returning underwriting and investment profits.

  • Competitive individual rating programs including deductibles up to $250,000.

  • Reinsurance by an A+ Rated company.

  • Other states incidental coverage at no extra charge for members.

  • Employer's Liability policy limits at no additional cost.

  • Loss control surveys / recommendations and follow-up assist visits

  • Claims management by YORK - one of the leading TPAs in the USA


Certified Safety Program

2017 Certified Safety Program


ATA Safety Newsletters
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Owner Operator Forms & Information

Owner Operator Reporting Form.xls  Excel Spreadsheet

Owner Operator Workers Comp Notification  (PDF)

Workers Compensation Notification  (PDF)



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